iQibla Supports Its Advanced Zikr Smart Ring with Sophisticated Features

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iQibla Supports Its Advanced Zikr Smart Ring with Sophisticated Features

August 04
16:28 2022
iQibla Supports Its Advanced Zikr Smart Ring with Sophisticated Features
Best smart ring, Misbaha counter, Wake up light alarm clock
iQibla supports its devices with sophisticated features. The features help Muslims do daily routines, such as zikr, praying, and finding Kaaba directions easier.

iQibla, a company that commits to creating high-tech devices for Muslims, applies sophisticated features to its product, Zikr Smart Ring. Zikr Smart Ring is the advanced version of traditional zikr tools. The head of the company explained, “The goal of this project is not only creating a smart zikr ring but also the best smart ring to help Muslims for zikr. It is the reason why our team adds several features to this product.”

The integrated CNC button is the simplest feature in this product but works effectively to help its users. Users only have to hit this button to keep track of their daily Tasbeeh count at all times. The ring will even vibrate when the count reaches a specific target, such as 33, 66, 99, or 100. The head of the company said, “OLED display screen is another feature we give to our Muslim customers. We hope that the OLED screen is durable and shows the number sharply to them.” The battery is also one of the crucial features because Muslims will use this product every day before and after praying five times a day. iQibla develops a durable and longer battery. Users can fully charge the battery and use the Zikr Smart Ring for three days before recharging it.

The head of the company clarified, “We want to ensure that users can easily use this device anytime and anywhere they want. They can even charge this product via a USB cable to an adapter, power bank, or computer.” The features also make this device multifunction. Zikr1 is not only suitable for counting zikr but also for a wake up light alarm clock. As a result, users can wake up at certain times to pray, such as praying Subuh, Tahajjud, and other sunnah. Nowadays, users can even connect this Zikr Smart Ring to an app known as the iQibla app. It improves the performance of this smart misbaha counter even better than before.

The head of the company added, “We expect that all the features help users to use Zikr1 and the iQibla app and get more benefits from it. As a result, they can focus on reaching their zikr achievement and better spiritual quality without leaving technology.” This product also shows that Muslims can also use technology to improve their spiritual quality. Indeed, technology is not always bad for Muslims. It even can help to worship and remember Allah and wonder how great His creation is.

About iQibla:

iQibla is a company that offers a smartwatch and a Zikr Smart Ring for Muslims. They support the devices with a variety of features to help Muslims to worship Allah more steadfastly.

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