Matthias Loesche And E&M Consulting Are Pioneering The Use Of Hormone Marketing With Sales Psychology

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Matthias Loesche And E&M Consulting Are Pioneering The Use Of Hormone Marketing With Sales Psychology

November 22
23:45 2022
Matthias Loesche of E&M Consulting is utilizing hormone marketing and sales psychology in online advertisements to generate qualified leads for high-ticket coaches, consultants, & experts. These highly effective methods are revolutionizing online and digital marketing.

Online and digital marketing is taking the world by storm. What used to be an optional piece of a marketing package is now a rapidly growing and required field. This complex marketing branch takes far more than just putting an advertisement out on Facebook. Each audience and consumer need a different approach but knowing how to appeal to them is a complicated process. 

E&M Consulting is a boutique marketing agency based in Munich that is taking sales psychology to the next level. Founder and advertising expert, Matthias Loesche, is a Facebook and YouTube campaign pro, and he specializes in rapid turn-around times and great results. His secret weapon? Sales psychology and hormone marketing for coaches, consultants, and experts. 

An introduction to E&M Consulting

As a digital marketing agency, E&M Consulting works with ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Their specialty is utilizing campaigns to get more qualified leads and ideal customers for any given client in the high-ticket coaching industry, and they do it through sales psychology. 

This powerful tool is intended to bring in the correct people with the ads put out. The more these campaigns can tap into the way a potential client thinks, the better the results will be. Digital marketing is much more than putting out a broadly targeted ad or, even worse, reducing the costs of the product or service being offered repeatedly to try to get sales.

E&M Consulting creates campaigns that target the right audience with extensive knowledge and use of sales psychology and hormone marketing. These methods make a huge difference in the effectiveness and efficiency of any digital marketing campaign. For example, “marketing tricks” such as scarcity or urgency in advertising campaigns can cause significant damage in terms of trust among target audiences with high cortisol levels, says Matthias Loesche. It is therefore essential to understand one’s target audience in order to avoid such mistakes and make advertising campaigns more profitable.

Sales psychology and hormone marketing

Sales psychology and hormone marketing take a deep look at the type of client being targeted and what pushes them to want to make a purchase or apply for a consultation call at the business’s website. E&M Consulting breaks clients down into four types, each one needing a different approach. 

The types are “The Doer”, “The Preserver”, “The Entertainer”, and “The Thinker”. Understanding how these four types think, what drives them, and what hormone levels are dominating in each case is imperative to target the right audience with a digital ad campaign.  

For example, The Preserver will be focused on how other people would view a product or service (due to high oxytocin levels), whereas The Thinker logically wants to know the facts and research behind a product or service (due to high cortisol levels) to know that it truly does what it says. The Entertainer, because of his high dopamine levels needs a very new approach that hasn’t been seen on the market before, and The Doer, testosterone triggered, is more impulsive and therefore wants a briefer and direct ad that just tells them the facts. By applying suitable psychological triggers, the right hormone levels are then specifically addressed. Which thus psychologically appeals to the right target audience and motivates them to buy.


The ability to understand the psychology of sales and what drives someone to purchase is crucial in building a successful advertising campaign. Matthias Loesche and his team at E&M Consulting have put in the work to fully understand these methods, and their use of them has given the team a track record of highly successful advertising campaigns. 

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