Mukesh Sharma, a Cyber Tycoon, set the benchmark for Information Privacy Products and Services with the release of “CryptoSuite”

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Mukesh Sharma, a Cyber Tycoon, set the benchmark for Information Privacy Products and Services with the release of “CryptoSuite”

January 29
16:19 2023
Mukesh Sharma, a Cyber Tycoon, set the benchmark for Information Privacy Products and Services with the release of "CryptoSuite"
CryptoMize introduces CryptoSuite, a set of Privacy Enforcement Services & Products to assist the Global Elite for Securing, Encrypting & Anonymizing – Activities, Conversations & Files

Mukesh Sharma,  Information Security Expert, has recently launched a range of exhaustive privacy and security services to complement its digital products, famous by the name ‘CryptoSuite.’ These products are also accompanied with corresponding service range including services such as Data Encryption, Data Backup and Recovery, Data Protection, Identity and Access Management (IAM), Communication Security, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT), and many more corresponding services.

The establishment of “CryptoSuite” was solely to change how the world provides digital security. It has particularly emphasized “preventing any kind of digital invasion of privacy.” Today, in the light of maintaining the integrity of the values in the form of products and well as services, not only do they get enforced in lives, but they also provide comprehensiveness.

Over a decade, CryptoMize has evolved into the world’s most advanced managed security and privacy in the face of products that have been set across over 300 clients. The company has received major global recognition in more than 30 countries across the globe. It is keen to utilize the experience gained over the years in the domain of privacy and security to augment its offerings by providing enhanced privacy solutions.

CryptoMize is renowned for providing an integrated platform to facilitate secure communication among the clients such as Governments Offices, Politicians. The latest range of services will further enhance the features and add robustness to the existing suite of products. The official website has been updated to “reflect the newly launched services” under the new brand name of “Privacy Enforcement,” which is further bifurcated into Privacy and Security services.

“The rebrand was necessitated by an early decision to move from our initial focus on Privacy and Security products towards a more comprehensive suite of Privacy Services. While we are still developing some anonymity services and have managed to provide our clients with comprehensive services with Privacy Enforcement. It represents a ripening of our idea for a suite of products to protect the identity of elite individuals and institutions.” – Dr. Jyoti, COO of CryptoMize

CryptoBox is an Extremely Encrypted and Secure Communication Device that works without a Central Server on a Private End-to-End crypto network to protect them from Unauthorized Surveillance and Interception.

CryptoMail is the Next Generation of Personal and Enterprise Encrypted, Private, Anonymous, and Untraceable Email Solutions.

CryptoRouter Hides Your Digital Footprints, Secures Your Internet Connection, Protects Your Right to Privacy, Blocks Trackers, Malware, Loggers, Ransomware, Spyware, Adware, etc., and Prevents Digital Creeps from spying on your Activities.

CryptoDrive is an extremely encrypted and secure private data storage device that doesn’t trust anyone to protect your privacy and ensures that no unauthorized party can access, modify, hack or intercept it.

As per the report of CERT-In, “11,58,208 cybersecurity attacks were reported in India in 2020 during the lockdown — a rise of nearly three times from 2019. These security breaches point at the regulatory gaps in our data protection framework which provides bait to cybercriminals to devise such attacks.”

The company believes that with the increasing Cyber Attacks and the use of Digital Structures, the need to protect the digital footprint is necessary to protect from various Cyber Threats. Because of this phenomenon, the company manufactured a series of products branded “CryptoSuite.” These products are CryptoBox, CryptoMail, CryptoDrive, and CryptoRouter, which encrypt users’ data before sending it over the web.

As of now, the Privacy Enforcement Service serves the purpose of protecting the client’s privacy. For that, the team has formulated a comprehensive set of services that includes all steps to protect the right to privacy with Encryption, Anonymity, Data Privacy, Infrastructure Privacy, Information Privacy, and Communication Privacy. To complete the overall structure of the services and for Security purposes, Security Training, Website Security, Penetration Testing, and Vulnerability Assessment is included.

With this, the company aims at providing a secure and safe environment to the entities whose privacy matters the most rather than those who fall in the high-risk category owing to their business strategies or dealings.

The company has implemented the course of services to harness the potential strategically. As it suggests, privacy is a key concern in the current world that is ever under the threat of cyber attacks and hacking. Amidst such precarious situations, and to take care of the privacy needs, a group of experts has joined hands to come up with CryptoMize’s “Privacy Enforcement Services.” The CEO of CryptoMize believes in the comprehensiveness of the processes. Mr. Mukesh Sharma, CEO of the company, said way back during an interview,” The Internet never forgets. But what about when you do want to forget? What about that information that may expose you in ways you don’t want, or data leaks let third parties discover how you live your online life? If a picture is worth a thousand words, data is worth a thousand pictures. And since our lives are increasingly online, we have become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Living a 21st-century life with a 20th-century sense of privacy will not work out.”

While explaining how CryptoMize seeks to resolve these privacy and security issues, Mr. Sharma replied,” As the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data continue to grow, so makes every individual’s digital footprint. CryptoMize solves this problem by encrypting your data before sending it over the web. And it offers protection against hacking as well as accidental data leakage. Even if someone hacks your account, they won’t be able to access anything useful because of the encryption that CryptoMize provides. Also, it protects against data breaches caused by server failures or human error.”

This launch has come as a part of a broader initiative the company took to strengthen its position as a leader in asset digitization.

Under these services, the company has launched various products, including complete anonymity, high-end encryption, and various other privacy services. These products are meant to improve the online safety of internet users by providing them with complete protection against all kinds of cyber threats.

The new offerings include secure communications, digital identity management, transaction confidentiality, data integrity, and confidentiality.

The services are tailor-made for people who want to protect their digital assets through multiple layers of security.

As we spend more time online and store more data in the cloud, identity theft, hacking, financial fraud, and surveillance by governments and businesses alike. 2018 was the worst year for consumer data breaches in history.

CryptoMize was born out of an understanding that security and anonymity are not exclusive goals but equal parts of the digital lifestyle. It’s not just about what we put out there on our own; it’s also about the information others share about us.

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