Local North Texas Waste Management Company Looks to Improve the Environment by Picking up Dog Poop?

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Local North Texas Waste Management Company Looks to Improve the Environment by Picking up Dog Poop?

March 02
21:32 2023
PAWS Pooper Scoopers provides dog waste removal services to residents and communities of all sizes in Dallas Fort Worth, Tx.

DALLAS-FORT WORTH, TX – Mar 02, 2023 – PAWS Pooper Scoopers, a revolutionary local company looking to make big changes in the local community of North Texas. Pet waste removal services is the next big thing as PAWS Pooper Scoopers currently aims to help the DFW area reduce its emission by keeping pet waste out of the local landfills. According to the North Central Texas council of Governments, there are approximately 1.5 million dogs in the North Central Texas region.

If the average dog produces three-fourths pounds of waste per day, that accounts for over 1.1 Million pounds of dog waste being produced each day here in DFW. All of this waste ends up in our backyards or in the local landfills, which later could end up in our groundwater and lakes. “Pet waste that’s not picked up and disposed of properly can put your health, your dog’s health, and your child’s health at risk” says Courtney Hall, managing member of PAWS Pooper

Scoopers. Parvovirus is a serious highly contagious disease that affects dogs of any age or breed, and can infect humans too. The virus can remain infectious on the ground for six months or even longer. Also, nutrients in pet waste can encourage weed and algae growth in the water which can also release ammonia combined with warm temperatures can kill fish and make our local lakes an overly murky green color which is unattractive conditions for swimming, boating, and fishing.

PAWS Pooper Scoopers aims to become a zero emission company by 2025 by having all of their vehicles emissions free, and composting the recycled scooped dog poop into reusable compost for planting trees and growing healthy grass in the local North Texas community.

About PAWS Pooper Scoopers

PAWS Pooper Scoopers was founded in May of 2016 by Courtney Hall and later teamed up with co-owner Alma Judith Vega in North Dallas; both are from the suburbs of Carrollton Farmers Branch, Texas. The company began operations as a Waste Management company removing household debris and later changing gears to removing pet waste. Now their pet waste removal headquarters is based in Fort Worth, Texas near DFW Airport. (Euless,TX)

Their goal, to provide weekly services to all North Texas area locations such as Burleson, Frisco, Arlington, and Garland to name a few. The Pet waste removal business is a growing $3.5 billion industry, and with environmental concerns escalating, dog waste removal has become a large business. “Today’s dog owners aren’t concerned with things going on outside of their own backyards, but the danger lies in their backyard–literally. When they understand the issues with our water systems, they will want to do something. The problem is that so many people just assume dog waste is the same as farm livestock manure and provides a good source of nutrients. They don’t understand the harm in not picking it up. We want to help people understand and help them do the right thing without inconveniencing them.” said Courtney Hall.

Waste removal has a positive environmental impact with an estimated 40% of dog owners admitting they don’t pick up their pet’s poo. Owners Alma and Courtney at PAWS Pooper Scoopers saw a need within the community. “Dallas Fort Worth is a dog-friendly area and that comes with a responsibility beyond providing beautiful parks and pet-friendly hotels. Not picking up dog waste can have a lasting negative impact on the environment.” said Alma Judith Vega.

Just one ounce of dog feces contains 23 million microorganisms of bacteria, that’s nearly twice that of human waste. – International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Dog waste is an easy problem to solve and PAWS Pooper Scoopers is doing its part helping homeowners and commercial organizations like HOAs, parks, and apartment complexes dispose of waste in an environmentally conscious way.

For more information about PAWS Pooper Scoopers, visit www.pawspooperscoopers.com


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Media Contact
Company Name: PAWS Pooper Scoopers
Contact Person: Courtney Hall
Email: Send Email
Phone: 972-645-9989
Address:4329 LaGuardia Ln #3305
City: Fort Worth
State: Texas
Country: United States
Website: https://www.pawspooperscoopers.com/

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