Amazon Best Selling Trilogy, New Eden, Takes The Trending Topic Of AI To A Whole New Level

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Amazon Best Selling Trilogy, New Eden, Takes The Trending Topic Of AI To A Whole New Level

March 08
00:24 2023
Doctor and author Kishore Tipirneni astounds readers everywhere with his sci-fi trilogy, New Eden. This bestselling series follows the adventures and discoveries of physicist Joshua Andrews and reporter Rachael Miller in a thrilling world of intrigue and alien technology.

With a following of thousands of readers across the globe, the New Eden trilogy by Kishore Tipirneni has taken off in the last few years since the first book’s publication. Now an Amazon best seller, this fascinating series is focused on two characters as they go on a journey of discovery into alien artificial intelligence.  

New Eden 

The first book, in the series, New Eden, introduces the reader to Joshua Andrews, a physicist, and Rachael Miller, a reporter. Both characters find themselves entwined in researching and discovering a subatomic particle that will lead them to an alien race capable of creating life only by coding DNA. This discovery will challenge everything humanity believes in and thinks they know, down to the very concept of life itself. 

With hundreds of five-star reviews, readers have devoured this book and its innovative concepts. This book will leave readers contemplating what they know and believe, just as the main characters are left guessing.  

The Arachnid 

Book two, The Arachnid, brings the reader back to the characters of Joshua and Rachael, presenting a new element to the original discovery in book one. Years after the first book, a massive arachnid that could only be the product of the alien technology discovered in New Eden is found roaming North Korea.  

The United States puts together a team to locate this creature, made up of the military and the team from book one.  

Readers are once again guided into deep thought as reviewers make comments such as, “One of the rare books that talk about the most serious questions of life in the accessible form.” 

Medusa’s Gauntlet 

The conclusion of the New Eden trilogy, Medusa’s Gauntlet, doesn’t disappoint. The backdrop to the finale takes the team from Earth to an entirely new planet. It’s time for them to confront the threat to the cosmos head-on as they leave their own planet to find and meet with Medusa.  

With readers calling it the best sci-fi series they have read, Medusa’s Gauntlet is the must-read conclusion to the New Eden Trilogy. 

The author of the New Eden Trilogy 

Kishore Tipirneni is more than just an incredibly talented and imaginative author. He has also been a practicing orthopedic surgeon in Phoenix for almost three decades. Originally from India, Kishore grew up in Columbus, Ohio, and taught himself the difficult skill of computer programming when he was still in high school.  

His expertise and knowledge, combined with an incredible level of creativity and talent, have blossomed into the New Eden Trilogy. His work has been recognized for the last several years by many sci-fi enthusiasts as they delve into the unique world and story he has created.  

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