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May 08
17:45 2023
Romania-based web agency emphasizes the advantages of small teams for web development services. The team members of, who have previously worked with large tech companies, offer SaaS solutions, custom web development, Laravel & VueJS development, and more in the USA and Europe.

Small teams like offer several advantages, including lower overhead resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings for clients, more attentive customer service, more transparent communication, access to enormous corporation expertise, and a higher priority on customer satisfaction.

More Efficiency

One of the most significant advantages of working with small teams like is that they have less overhead than larger organizations, making them more efficient and focused on achieving their goals. They can complete projects faster and with fewer resources, translating into cost savings for their customers.

Clearer Communication

Clients communicate directly with the developers to better understand their needs, tailoring their products or services to meet them more effectively, resulting in happier and more loyal customers. With fewer people involved, there’s less chance of messages getting lost or diluted as they pass through multiple layers of management or bureaucracy. Everyone on the team is on the same page and works towards the same goals, resulting in more efficient and effective outcomes.

Corporate knowledge and skills

Web development is an ever-changing industry, and staying on top of the latest trends and best practices is crucial for creating successful websites. That’s why having a team of dedicated web developers like is so essential. They follow the best rules in web development and keep up with the latest trends, and are well-equipped to build a web app that is efficient, user-friendly, and visually appealing, rivaling the top corporations. Ultimately, having a team that is committed to staying at the forefront of the industry is an investment in the success of online presence.

Priority on Customer Satisfaction

The focus on customer satisfaction is also a significant advantage of small teams. With fewer clients, small groups can devote more time and resources to delivering high-quality products or services and ensuring their customers are satisfied. 


The lovely people behind are Alex and Robert, the co-founders and full-stack developers; Cristina, the talented graphic and web designer; and Ares, the cute doggo who does tricks and sits in meetings looking cute. 

The team offers various services, including SaaS solutions, custom web development, Laravel & VueJS development, API integration and development, automation scripts, and mobile/desktop app development. The company has completed several successful projects, including REVR, a real estate investment platform, and POST66, a social platforms manager. Each project came with its challenges and complexity, but for them, it was always a pleasure to build exciting web apps and allow the clients to see their dreams up and running.

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