Life Coach Launches Health Coaching Program Catering to the Lifestyle of Truckers

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Life Coach Launches Health Coaching Program Catering to the Lifestyle of Truckers

May 08
19:03 2023
Nomad & Transportation Lifestyle Coaching LLC is a unique coaching company launched exclusively to help truckers take control of their health and lifestyle.

Truckers spend long hours on the road and have limited access to healthy food options. At the end of a long day, they are too exhausted to maintain a regular exercise regimen. Such a lifestyle can take a toll on a trucker’s health.

Founded by life coach Malinda Fox-Wellington, Nomad & Transportation Lifestyle Coaching LLC assists truckers to adopt a healthier lifestyle and regain their energy to enjoy their lives and work. It is a newly launched coaching company designed for truckers to achieve their goals of maintaining optimal health while on the road.

Malinda Fox-Wellington is a trucker and has first-hand experience with the pitfalls of the lifestyle. Becoming overweight, pre-diabetic, and experiencing high levels of stress and fatigue led her to seek the services of a health coach and had difficulty finding one that understood the trucking lifestyle and enrolled into a health coaching program herself, because traditional methods of gaining good health were impractical in her line of work.

Drawing on her 25 years of experience in the medical field as an allied health professional, combat medic, and allied health instructor, she adapted the knowledge she gained from her health coaching program to adapt the tools of the trade to suit her trucker’s lifestyle. The results were amazing as she successfully shed 60 pounds and gained a newfound energy that had long been missing.

Her success spurred her to share her knowledge with other truckers who constantly struggle to create a work-life balance. Fox-Wellington gained formal training as a holistic transformational health and life coach and founded the Nomad & Transportation Lifestyle Coaching LLC to help drivers reclaim their health, vitality, and zest for life without sacrificing professional success.

The new health coaching program offers personalized coaching sessions, goal-setting support, nutrition education, and fitness advice to truckers who want to prioritize their health while on the road. By working with a certified health coach, truckers can set realistic goals, develop healthy habits, and maintain accountability for their progress.

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Malinda Fox-Wellington offers a unique health coaching program from her truck, and a free Facebook group, making it accessible to truckers of all budgets. She is committed to helping those on the road discover a healthier way to live and develop habits that are easy to maintain. She hopes to empower truckers to live their best lives, both on and off the road.

Being a trucker herself and a certified health and life coach, Fox-Wellington is the right person to provide valuable support and guidance to truck drivers and help them lead more fulfilling lives, despite the demands of their profession. She uses the same tools that worked in her personal experience, along with training techniques, to devise a personalized approach that addresses the needs and preferences of every participant.

Truckers motivated to transform can access a free Facebook group, Healthier Happier Truckers, formed to connect the community. The group aims to create community solidarity that promotes sharing experiences, successes, and failures in a safe and non-judgmental environment. 

Life coach Malinda Fox-Wellington intends to encourage the importance of being in control of one’s health and happiness. The members can learn from each other and explore their unique paths.

About the Company: 

Nomad & Transportation Lifestyle Coaching LLC is a health coaching company founded by Malinda Fox-Wellington. It offers a unique health and life coaching program designed especially for truck drivers. Fox-Wellington uses tools that she devised for her personal health goals and succeeded; tools that were adapted from traditional concepts to suit a trucker’s lifestyle. As a certified health and life coach, she aims to foster a positive truck drivers’ community that encourages adopting doable healthy habits on the road to lead more fulfilling and happy lives. Truck drivers are free to join the Facebook group Healthier Happier Truckers.

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Company Name: Nomad & Transportation Lifestyle Coaching LLC
Contact Person: Malinda Fox-Wellington
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Phone: (254) 3196114
City: Copperas Cove
State: Texas 76522
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