Learn About Umrah, Ziyarahs, And More With Farah Alam Mirza’s Umrah Series

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Learn About Umrah, Ziyarahs, And More With Farah Alam Mirza’s Umrah Series

May 16
11:28 2023
Learn About Umrah, Ziyarahs, And More With Farah Alam Mirza’s Umrah Series

Umrah is a common pilgrimage for Muslims. However, there are millions of reverts, converts, and children who are not well-informed about the concept and significance of Umrah and wish to learn more. To help cater to all of these categories, Dr Farah Alam has released her edition of the Umrah Series. These books are filled with knowledge and information which are essential for every Muslim to know when they are planning to perform the Umrah.

Umrah All You Need To Know: How to Perform Umrah with Duas and Ziyarahs is a great guide for anyone who’s performing Umrah for the first time. It gives the reader step-by-step guidance in performing Umrah with reference to Hadiths to aid understanding. The duas that are recited during the pilgrimage are given, and the process of the entire expedition is explained clearly in an easy-to-read format. It is a huge help and is an authentic source of information as compared to getting information online. Readers can keep this book with them when they are performing Umrah in case they need a quick reference as to what steps need to be taken after a certain point.

Umrah Made Easy and Ziyarahs (Umrah) are two different books from the Umrah series which summarize the process of Umrah and the Ziyarahs that should be visited when in Makkah and Medina. This book also addresses the historical context and significance of each Ziyarah and helps the reader appreciate their visit wholeheartedly.

Ayesha Goes for Umrah is the last book in the Umrah book series, written specifically for children. It is written in a story format to help them understand the rituals of Umrah and its importance. This book is beautifully illustrated and allows children to be more informed about the pilgrimage in a unique and informative way.

About The Author

Dr Farah Alam-Mirza is a General Practitioner in London. She is also the author of multiple different Islamic series. The Umrah series caters to people old and young and helps them learn essential knowledge about Umrah and everything that is connected to it. Dr Alam has also written and published multiple other series, which help children make better choices and live better in the modern world.

The Umrah Series is available on Amazon and is now up for purchase.

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