Author Nancy LeBaron-Kiley’s New Book “Peabody Girl Dog-Gone Good!”

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Author Nancy LeBaron-Kiley’s New Book “Peabody Girl Dog-Gone Good!”

May 16
23:31 2023
Author Nancy LeBaron-Kiley's New Book "Peabody Girl Dog-Gone Good!"

Author Nancy LeBaron-Kiley releases “Peabody Girl Dog-Gone Good!” A book that promotes kindness and respect for wildlife.

In a world where human activities are increasingly encroaching on wildlife habitats, it’s crucial that we recognize the importance of showing kindness and respect to the animals that share our planet. This is the message at the heart of “Peabody Girl Dog-Gone Good!” – the latest book from author Nancy LeBaron-Kiley.

Through this heartwarming story, Nancy reminds us that animals play a crucial role in maintaining the delicate balance of our ecosystem. She highlights the need to respect wild animals’ presence and recognize that they have as much right to this world as we do.

Nancy encourages readers to reflect on the impact of human activities on the natural world and take steps to minimize it where possible. She believes that small gestures of kindness and compassion towards animals can have a big impact, whether giving a stray cat food or supporting conservation efforts.

Peabody Girl Dog-Gone Good!” is a book that will inspire readers of all ages to treat animals with the respect and dignity that they deserve. It is a timely reminder that we must prioritize the needs of wildlife and take responsibility for our impact on the natural world.

About The Author

Nancy LeBaron-Kiley, the author of “Peabody Girl Dog-Gone Good!” has been an animal lover from a young age. At the age of 19, she became the first female Animal Control Officer, also known as the Dog Catcher, in the United States and the youngest appointed municipal department head in the country.

Throughout her career, Nancy handled many different animals, including some unexpected ones in a small city in Massachusetts. She has written about these experiences in her first book, Tails of a Lady Dog Catcher, which includes funny, sad, and inspiring stories that evoke a range of emotions in readers.

Nancy writes her stories as if she is speaking directly to her readers. She hopes that her readers feel as though they are sitting in front of her, listening to her tales. Her stories are all true and highlight the importance of advocating for animals and seeking justice for them.

In today’s world, animals have more advocates than ever before, and social media has made it easier to raise awareness about their welfare. Nancy hopes that her book will inspire readers to become advocates for animals and work towards making the world a better place for all living creatures.

Peabody Girl Dog-Gone Good!” is now available for purchase in bookstores and online retailers everywhere.

Book Name: Peabody Girl Dog-Gone Good
Author Name: Nancy LeBaron-Kiley
ISBN Number: 978-1915919571
Paperback Version: Click Here

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