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Different Kinds Brush Filament With Their Characteristics – Qingdao Zhuoya Machinery

May 17
21:52 2023

Different Kinds Brush Filament With Their Characteristics

There are many types of brush filaments, let’s learn the characteristics of different types of brush filaments. Our plastic filament production extruder machine can produce high-quality monofilaments such as PBT, PA nylon, PP, PE, PET, etc.

1.The elasticity of PBT wire is better than that of nylon brush wire, but its wear resistance is not as good as 610. The performance of PBT is softer, and it is most suitable for cleaning and decontaminating fine parts, such as car surface cleaning.

2.Nylon 610 (PA66, PA6) brush wire has good wear resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and good elasticity. It is suitable for brush parts in household dust removal and cleaning, such as vacuum cleaner roller brushes, brush rollers, Brush platform and more.

3.Nylon 612 or Nylon 1010 has the best elasticity and the highest cost, but its wear resistance is not as good as 610, its appearance is relatively good, and its impact resistance and aging resistance are also very good. It is most suitable for industrial equipment, doors and windows, etc. Dust section.

4.Polypropylene (PP) brush filament has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, but the elasticity is not very good, and it is easy to deform and difficult to restore after long-term work. Therefore, it is suitable for industrial dust removal and cleaning for rough parts, such as dust removal for mine terminals, the sweeping brush of the sanitation vehicle and so on.

5.PE filament is the softer brush filament among several types of brush filaments. It is often used on car cleaning brushes, and it is added with a napping process to facilitate the protection of car paint surfaces.

6.Pig bristles are often used in the polishing of bath brushes or precious objects, such as the surface treatment of goldware, gemstones, pianos, etc., and are also suitable for polishing and grinding of hard alloys.

7.Horse hair is softer than bristle, and it is easier to remove floating dust. It is often used in high-end household cleaning products, or suitable for industrial purposes such as removing floating dust.

8.Metal wires, such as steel wires and copper wires, are generally used for deburring metal surfaces, etc., and have good wear resistance.

9.Abrasive nylon wire (silicon carbide abrasive wire, alumina abrasive wire, diamond abrasive wire), has good wear resistance and acid and alkali resistance, and is often used in surface treatment of PCB, galvanized sheet pickling line, and metal Used in processing, polishing and deburring.

10. Sisal brush wire has good toughness, high temperature resistance, and oil absorption. It is often used for pot brushes or high temperature, oil removal, etc. purposes.

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