Indian Visa For Russian, Finland, Singapore, Iceland and Greek Citizens

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Indian Visa For Russian, Finland, Singapore, Iceland and Greek Citizens

May 25
17:42 2023


For many years, India has been a popular destination for international travelers as a land of diverse cultures and religions. It has a lot to offer for your wonderful trip to India, from sacred sites and spiritual encounters to sun-kissed beaches and exciting nature reserves. Travelers from Russia must obtain an Indian visa before entering the country, whether for pleasure, business, or medical reasons.Since India opened the visa application process online in 2014, applying for an Indian e-Visa has become much easier. People from 169 countries can now apply for electronic travel authorization, eliminating lengthy visits to the Indian Embassy. To obtain this approval quickly, all Russian citizens just only meet the Indian e-Visa conditions. Depending on the purpose of their travel, Russian citizens can apply for one of three types of Indian e-Visas. Visitors can stay in the country for up to 90 days to visit relatives or see the sights with the Tourist eVisa. For business travellers, the e-Business Visa is valid for 365 days from the date of issue, and while multiple entries are authorised, each stay cannot exceed 180 days. And for anyone seeking medical treatment in India, the e-Medical Visa offers stays of 60 days up to 3 times for Russian citizens. Once applicants have decided which visa suits their needs, all they have to do is fill in the India e-Visa form. The application process is completely online, easy to fill out and can be completed and submitted in 30 minutes.

Documents Required For Citizens of Russia

  • A valid passport with a least six months validity from the date of travel, with a scanned copy of the biographical page
  • The details of where they will be staying in India, and entry and exit details
  • A scanned passport photo, in color on a plain white background
  • A valid email address to receive the eVisa in their Inbox.
  • You can use a credit or debit card to pay for the visa fee.


Visiting India is an amazing experience because there are so many different landscapes and flavours to discover. From national parks, wildlife safaris, white sandy beaches, and mystical religious sites to many authentic festivals, vast temples, caves, forts, and sculptures, India has it all. India is one of the few countries that can have a long-term impact on tourists. Singaporeans must obtain a visa to enter India. By introducing the eVisa system, the Indian Embassy has simplified and streamlined the visa procedure for Singaporeans. Since 2014, the Indian government has made an Indian visa application form for Singaporeans available online. Citizens of over 169 countries can now apply for an e-Visa to India. Short business and medical trips might also benefit from the eVisa system. As a Singaporean, you have the choice of choosing the right type of e-Visa from the alternatives given below: Tourist e-Visa – designed for travel to India, this visa allows you to stay for up to 30 days from the date of arrival with a single entry. This visa is not extendable or convertible. E-Business Visa: Used for commercial and business purposes, but not for employment. You can stay in India for a total of 365 days from the granting date with multiple entries in advance. For each period of stay. e-Medical Visa: Used for medical treatment purposes, including yoga and physical therapy classes, valid for 60 days from the date of your first arrival and during this period you have permission to enter 2 more times to enter and exit. The maximum length of stay in India is 90 days. Once the e-Visa is issued, Singapore citizens have 120 days to travel to India. You must carry the document with you in the country. The document works like a stamped visa in your passport. The system enables the entire Indian visa application process for Singapore citizens online. Generally, applicants will receive a response from the embassy regarding their visa within 2 business days of submitting the visa application.


  • Applicant Photo: the photo must be professional.
  • Passport Personal Details Scan: this means that you have to scan the information page. You don’t have to scan the entire passport.
  • A copy of the Business Card: it can be scanned or you can take a photo of your business card.
  • Valid email address: this is important to receive your document.
  • Payment methods: it can be your usual credit/debit card or PayPal account.


India is a vibrant and bustling country that many people want to visit for various reasons. Its culture, history, food, and landscapes entice visitors with promises of vibrancy and diversity, and they do not disappoint. India, blessed by nature, attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. India is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Since 2014, the Government of India has made an online application form for Indian visas for Finnish citizens available. As a response, in 2014, the Indian government introduced an electronic travel permit known as the Indian e-Visa in order to expedite admission for tourists from all over the world, including Finnish people. Finland’s nationals can apply for an India e-Visa from one of 169 countries. The India eVisa allows travellers to enter the country for short periods of time for vacation, visiting friends and family, short-term medical treatment, and business. Finns can apply for all sorts of e-Visas, including tourist, business, and medical visas. The Tourist eVisa allows you to stay in India for a maximum of 90 days for most nations. The tourist visa allows for two visits to the nation. The electronic visa is valid for one year or until 90 days have elapsed. Finnish citizens can apply for a maximum of two tourist e-Visas within one year. E-Business Visa: This visa allows you to enter India for commercial and business purposes. Using this type, you can stay in India for a total of up to 365 days from the grant date and multiple entries, each stay not exceeding 180 days. Medical e-Visa – Used for medical treatment in India. This type of e-Visa allows you to stay in India for up to 60 days from the date of your first entry and enter India 2 more times within those 60 days. The e-Visa is easy to apply for and does not require a visit to an embassy or consulate as it is a fully online process. All applicants from Finland need a stable internet connection and the required documents.

Documents Required for Finnish Citizen

  • A passport valid for at least six months from the date of entry in India
  • An email address to receive the eVisa in their Inbox.
  • You can use a credit or debit card to pay for the eVisa fees.
  • A digital copy of the biographical page of the passport
  • A recent passport-style color photo


Since 2014, the Government of India has made the Indian Visa application form for Icelandic nationals available online. The e-Visa for India is a government-issued document that allows Icelandic people to enter India for vacation, business, clinic visits, conferences, and other reasons. In general, the e-Visa application process is easier and faster. You can enter India using an e-Visa if you are Icelandic, as well as citizens of over 169 other countries. Electronic Tourist Visa: This type of visa is used for tourism and associated purposes. This sort of visa permits you to stay in India for up to 30 days from your arrival date and cannot be extended or changed. E-Business Visa: This type of visa allows you to enter India to do business but NOT to work. You can stay in India for up to 365 days using an e-Business visa. In addition, you can enter and exit the country as many times as you like, but each stay cannot exceed 180 days. Electronic Medical Visa – Used when you need medical treatment in India. By using this type, you can stay in India up to 60 days in advance with triple entry.  Completing the online e-Visa India application form can take up to 15 minutes and is entirely electronic.


  • A passport valid for at least six months from the date of entry in India.
  • A valid Email address to receive the eVisa in their Inbox.
  • You can use a Credit/Debit Card or PayPal Account to pay for the visa fees.


To enter India, Greek people must obtain a visa. Because Greek people cannot receive visas on arrival in India, they must apply for the necessary e-Visa before leaving Greece. An electronic application for an Indian visa for Greek citizens has been available since 2014. 169 countries’ citizens can now apply for an e-Visa to India. This means that many travellers visiting India will be able to secure the required entry authorization with ease. The eVisa has made it easier than ever for Greek nationals to visit India. All Greek citizens are eligible to apply for one of three types of Indian e-Visas. The Indian eVIsa is good for either tourist activities or visits to relatives and friends. An Indian Tourist e-Visa is valid for 365 days from the date of issue. The permit is multiple entry and Greek passport holders with a Tourist e-Visa can stay in India for up to 90 days. The Business eVisa is for selling and trading, attending business meetings or attending exhibitions and fairs are just some of the activities that Greeks can engage in with an India e-business visa. Like the electronic tourist visa, this permit is valid for 365 days. Greek business travelers can spend a total of 180 days in India throughout the year, which can be used at once or spread over several trips. If a Greek citizen requires medical treatment in India, they must apply for the e-Medical Visa for India. This travel document has a shorter validity period, 120 days from the date of issue, it is triple-entry and allows you to a total stay of 60 days. In order to obtain any of the above permits, Greek citizens must complete the India e-Visa Application Form. The Indian eVisa form can be completed in less than an hour, care must be taken to ensure all the details are filled out accurately as errors can result in delays or even rejection. Applicants are advised to request the visa 4 business days before leaving Greece for India.


  • India Tourist e-Visa
  • India Business e-Visa
  • India Medical e-Visa


  • Valid passport – you will have no issues with obtaining a passport, and if you already have one, take a look at its expiry date.
  • Digital photo of yourself – it is preferable that the photo is as recent as possible. You should not make face gestures in it, and the background should be white. Just scan it and upload it when you are told to.
  • A complete passport scan of the information page
  • A Valid email address to receive the Indian E-Visa in their Inbox.
  • Means of payment – You can use a credit or a debit card, and since PayPal has become quite standard these days, you can use that as well.
  • Business card copy and invitation letter – this requirement applies to people who want to go to India on business and apply for an India business eVisa.
  • Letter from the hospital in India – this is valid for people who apply for a medical visa.

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