GoCO Limited Wins Two UK Business & Innovation Awards 2023, Introduces Energy-Saving Solution to the Market

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GoCO Limited Wins Two UK Business & Innovation Awards 2023, Introduces Energy-Saving Solution to the Market

May 26
18:30 2023
This smart home solutions company, which won a gold and a bronze award for its green initiatives and product development, brings to the market its new Brilliant Energy Saver solution.

GoCO Limited, a UK-based smart home solutions firm, announced today its two wins at the UK Business & Innovation Awards 2023. The company won a Gold Award for Best Green Business and a Bronze Award for Best Product or Service Development. True to its commitment to green initiatives and valuable product development, the company brings in the innovative energy-saving solution to the market by deploying its brand new Brilliant Energy Saver solution.

The Brilliant Energy Saver is an innovative solution to make traditional heat radiator smart, and integrated with smart human sensor technology for enabling automation on the operation of the heat radiator in order to avoid wasting energy. Specifically tailor-made for UK residents to save energy and money during the cold winter season, the solution uses smart home IoT technology to save costs and bring convenience to people.

The solution is also environmental-friendly to reduce carbon footprint through minimizing energy usage, as majority of UK households are still using gas powered central heating at home–a one-time installation allows saving permanently, solving the long-term problem of customers needing to pay expensive energy bill issues.

The operation on the heat radiator has been made automatic because of the intelligentised system. When someone left the room, the heat radiator will be turned off automatically. When someone is entering the room and the room temperature is lower than a specified threshold, the heat radiator will only be turned on. Along with the increase in room temperature, the automated system will turn off the radiator when not necessary. To view its features, visit this GoCO webpage.

Founded by Desmond Chiu, GoCO was built to address the pressing issue of accidental falls among elderly individuals, based on his personal experiences with his father and others who have suffered similar injuries.

Desmond’s passion and expertise in utilizing IoT technology to interconnect smart devices and create a secure home environment for families have become the driving force behind the company’s mission. GoCO’s ultimate objective is to enable people to maintain strong connections with their loved ones despite geographical separation, while also showcasing compassion and concern through its state-of-the-art smart home solutions.

To know more about GoCO and its services, visit http://www.gocoworld.com.

About GoCO Limited

GoCO is a professionally qualified technology company, specializing in the design and construction of smart homes with IoT technology, by interconnecting different smart devices with each other to achieve the real benefit of home automation.

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