The World’s First Sanitary Napkin for Transgender Woman is Here

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The World’s First Sanitary Napkin for Transgender Woman is Here

February 12
19:30 2024
Gurl Periodt is an emotional support sanitary napkin now created for transgender, genderfluid, and LGBTQIA individuals.

‘Gurl Periodt’ is the first emotional support sanitary napkin designed to complete the menstruation experience for trans women. The conversation about periods being felt by members of the LGBTQIA community, especially in transgender women, often gets dismissed or returned with hate filled rhetoric and remarks. Though transgender women do not encounter the same discharge of blood associated with the shedding of the uterus lining, as most cis women undergo during a monthly cycle; does not necessarily correlate to the variety of alternative menstruation symptoms that thousands of transgender women have reported experiencing as a result of being placed on HRT. Hormone replacement therapy can be prescribed to transgender individuals, with or without having undergone reassignment surgery.

Unlike traditional feminine products, ‘Gurl Periodt’ sanitary napkins work to emit a desorbing technology opposed to an absorbing one, activating the contents within the pad via the consumer’s own body heat. The 100% safe and organic substance simulate the discharge of blood, releasing an average amount of 1-2 teaspoons, and is perfectly sandwiched in between two layers of cotton. The Sanitary napkins can be purchased in single packages or in a 10-pack loaded in a fashionable and complimentary rainbow purse.

While considering the determination, consistency, and maintenance that many transgender women have had to develop and embody as a way of life; Gurl Periodt has arrived to be a support system while complimenting that level of high frequency and commitment. No one’s individual experiences should be undermined or belittled by a lack of understanding or relatability because every woman deserves to feel like a woman, ‘periodt’!

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