Taiwan 2024 Yehliu Night Tours See the Queen’s Head Illuminated at Night Light Sculpture Laser Combined with Water Curtain and Fountain Water Dances

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Taiwan 2024 Yehliu Night Tours See the Queen’s Head Illuminated at Night Light Sculpture Laser Combined with Water Curtain and Fountain Water Dances

June 24
01:39 2024

Big Queen’s “Electric Light and Water Dance Show” features the power of water spraying, the intensity of fire burning, and the brilliance of light transforming. It merges the landscape of the North Coast to create a stunning visual feast.

The “2024 Yehliu Night Tours See the Queen’s Head Illuminated at Night ” event will take place from June 28th (Friday) to July 14th (Sunday) from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM at Yehliu Geopark. The Queen’s Head rock at Yehliu Geopark, located in Yehliu Village, Wanli District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, is a famous mushroom rock formed by differential erosion. Shaped like a queen gazing into the distance, with a long neck and elegant facial features, it has made Yehliu a must-visit attraction on Taiwan’s northern coast.


The Queen’s Visual Art: The Queen dons a new look for the nighttime feast, showcasing a different charm from day to night.


The Queen’s Visual Art: The light show combines laser beams and music to highlight the unique landscape, weaving a dreamlike scene. The light show is performed every half hour.


Tranquil Stone Light Forest: Follow the laser beams through the mist to the projection area, where you can interact and admire the beautiful trace fossils of Yehliu. The interplay of firefly lights and water pattern lights enhances the mysterious and dreamlike atmosphere.

The Yehliu Illuminated Night Tour event is themed “Yehliu Wonders” and combines landscape with light projections, lasers, coastal water screens, fountain water dances, animations, and music to create a mysterious, joyful, dreamy, leisurely, and intellectual atmosphere. There are eight major lighting zones planned. The highlight in the beach area, “Big Queen Sparkling Water Dance Show,” continues last year’s design of the circular water screen and fountain show, and this year, the element of fire has been added. Through the interplay of water, fire, and light, the beauty of the northern coast and the unique rock formations of Yehliu are presented to the audience.


Starry Secret Realm: Images adorn the lifelike queen and princess. Look up at the starry sky and feel the unique tranquility of this secret realm.

Additionally, for the first time this year, two water dance shows combined with drone performances will be held (on 6/28 and 7/5 at 8 PM), offering a stunning sea, land, and air visual feast. Everyone is welcome to visit Taiwan’s Yehliu Geopark to explore this unique nighttime light and shadow exhibition of the Queen!

Suggested Tour Route:

1. Entrance – “The Forest of Tranquil Times” → 2. Scenario Area – “Starlit Hideaway” → 4. The Cute Princess – “Gaiety Theatre” (AR Interactive Experience Zone) → 5. The Cute Princess Rock Area – “The Queen’s Q&A” (Interactive Experience Zone) → 6. Second Zone Platform – Enjoy the “The Queen’s Projection Art” Light Show → 8. Couple Lake Area – “Reflection of the Moon and Couple” → 7. Grass Area – “Queen’s Musical Art” → 6. The Queen’s Head- “The Queen’s Projection Art” Meet the Queen in a close distance → 3. Beach Area – “The Big Queen Lightning and Fire Water Dance Show”

For more information, please visit:

North Coast and Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Administration:


Yehliu Geopark: https://www.ylgeopark.org.tw/

Related videos for reference:https://youtu.be/ni4u2R6Bxkk

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